Students from China in the 2020/2021 academic year did not have the same opportunities to explore Poland as their predecessors who studied at the University of Gdańsk in previous years. However, in June, after a full year of online studies and complete isolation, they were finally able to visit the part of the country where they had lived for the past two years. The journey from Gdańsk to Hel took place on the ship Onyx. After a cruise of over two hours, we arrived in the already bustling Hel. There we rented bicycles and started our journey around the peninsula. The weather was good, but after a year’s immobility everyone was clearly out of shape. We visited Hel, Jurata and Jastarnia. However, we had to give up our ambitious plans to reach Władysławowo, because we ran out of time and strength. We returned to Gdańsk from Jastarnia by train, just in time to escape the rain. We hope that the students from Harbin will have fond memories of their trip to the end of Poland.

The organisers of the trip were Dr Jolanta Laskowska and Dr Irena Chawrilska