Certificate exams in 2024 are held on four dates:

  • 04-05.02.2024 (Sunday-Monday) – B1 and B2 level – registration completed.

  • 20-21.04.2024 (Saturday-Sunday) – B1, C1 level – registration began on 20.02.2024 and will end soon.

  • 22-23.06.2024 (Saturday-Sunday) – B1, B2 level

  • 16-17.11.2024 (Saturday-Sunday) – B1, C1 level.

Registration for each exam is conducted separately and begins no earlier than 2 months before the scheduled exam date.

To register for an exam, fill in this registration form (the link is active during registration only).

Registration for the exam on 05-06.02.2023 started on 05.12.2022 and ended on 31.12.2022.

Registration for the exam on 15-16.04.2023 started on 16.02.2023 and ended on 10.03.2023.

Registration for the exam on 24-25.06.2023 started on 24.04.2023 and ended on 22.05.2023.

Registration for the exam on 18-19.11.2023 started on 18.09.2023 and ended on 20.09.2023.

Registration for the exam on 04-05.02.2024 started on 04.12.2023 and ended on 03.01.2024.

Registration steps:

Complete the registration form on this webpage. Please fill it in carefully; any error in the email address will prevent further communication. Please do not register twice. Completing the form is equivalent to an entry on the list of participants – you only need to transfer the fee to finish registration.
Exam fee. The transfer should be made on the day of completing the registration form. Read transfer instructions below. No transfer confirmations are required.
Confirmation of registration. Within 7 days after completing the registration form, you will receive an email from polskidlacudzoziemcow@ug.edu.pl, either confirming the payment and successful registration or informing about failure to register, if the fee has not been paid. In case of doubt please contact us by email.
Final closing of the list and email invitation to the exam – ca. one month before the scheduled exam date.

Please note that due to the epidemic threat and current ordinances, registration and examination may be cancelled at any time. Please keep an eye on announcements on the website and Facebook, as well as email correspondence (including spam folder).

People with special needs (disabled, sick, people with specific learning difficulties) can report them, attaching the relevant documentation, no later than one month before the date of the exam. In chance events, a health certificate may be provided at a later date. Detailed information: https://certyfikatpolski.pl/o-egzaminie/kandydaci-o-specjalnych-potrzebach/.

Who can take the exam?  Foreigners or Polish citizens permanently residing abroad who are at least 18 years old on the day of the examination.



Document entitling to participate in the exam: valid international passport, Polish ID card or Polish residence card must be brought to the certification exam.


Place of the examination:
Faculty of Philology, 80-308 Gdańsk, ul. Wita Stwosza 55 / ul. Wita Stwosza 51

Exam fee (for payments realized in February 2024):

B1, B2

651,51 zł
  • (150 euro)


781,81 zł
  • (180 euro)

Certificate issue: PLN 86,87 (EUR 20)

Total exam-and-certificate fee:

B1, B2: PLN 738,68 (EUR 170)

C1: PLN 868,68 (EUR 200)

EUR exchange rate = 4,3434 (NBP average exchange rate as of 31.01.2024)

Payment for the exam should be made on the day of registration, in PLN, to:

Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdańsk

80-309 Gdańsk, ul. Bażyńskiego 1A

Account number: 63 1090 1098 0000 0001 4783 3813

(for payments from abroad: PL 63 1090 1098 0000 0001 4783 3813, swift code: WBKPPLPP)

with the title “name, surname, exam, exam level” (example: “Jan Kowalski B1 exam”).

The certificate fee can be paid at a later date. For practical reasons, however, we ask you to pay both fees at once, by a single transfer.

Detailed information about the examination will be sent one month before the exam only to those who have paid the exam fee.

We do not provide accommodation for exam participants.