4 months during an academic year (October-June). The course will be opened at any time for min. 4 persons

Dates of classes: once a week for 2 hours (on weekdays or weekends)
Total number of hours: 30 (academic hour = 45 min)
Number of hours per week: 2
Price: 700 PLN (price in the academic year 2022/2023)
The price includes: classes, course materials, completion certificate
Charakterystyka kursu:

Polish history and culture (in Polish and in English)

Polish art (in Polish and in English)

Polish literature (in Polish and in English)

Polish film (in Polish and in English)

Clients can choose from courses on various aspects of Polish cultural life: Polish history and culture, art, literature or film. Classes will be taught by specialists in a given field.

Students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of the most important issues and events in Polish culture and history, learn about the achievements of Polish artists – both those belonging to the canon and those of the present day. The course participants will become acquainted with the history, culture and art of Gdańsk and Pomerania. The course will also focus on the relationship between Polish culture and European and world culture. Practical exercises (e.g. translation or transformation of texts, analysis and interpretation of works) will be an important element of the classes. The course may be conducted in Polish and/or English. Classes will be adapted to the language level of the students.

Polish history and culture

The programme of the course includes, e.g.:

  • the geopolitical location of Poland,
  • the most important events in the history of Poland,
  • the religiousness of Poles,
  • everyday life in Poland,
  • Polish multiculturalism,
  • national and religious holidays,
  • customs,
  • Polish folklore,
  • the culture of Gdańsk and Pomerania,
  • the most important monuments of culture and national heritage,
  • the most outstanding artists of Polish culture (past and present).

Polish art

  • The programme of the course includes:
  • Polish folklore (costumes, dances, songs, customs),
  • medieval art,
  • modern art,
  • most important achievements of Polish art (painting, sculpture, visual arts),
  • most outstanding Polish artists,
  • artists from Gdańsk,
  • Gdańsk monuments,
  • Gdańsk museums and art galleries,
  • interpretation of a work of art.

Polish literature

  • The programme of the course includes, e.g.:
  • an outline of the history of Polish literature,
  • the canon of Polish literature,
  • paraliterary genres – the Polish School of Reportage,
  • the interpretation of a literary work,
  • updating works of Polish literature,
  • the art of translating a literary work,
  • the most outstanding Polish authors,
  • Gdańsk writers, contemporary literary life in Poland,
  • Polish literary awards and festivals.

Polish film

The programme of the course includes:

  • the beginnings of Polish cinematography,
  • the canon of Polish film,
  • the main trends in Polish cinematography,
  • Polish documentary cinema,
  • Polish animated film,
  • the most outstanding Polish filmmakers,
  • Gdańsk film artists,
  • the Gdynia Film School and its creators,
  • Polish prizes and film festivals,
  • analysis and interpretation of a film work.
Form of the course: stationary or online