Duration: Winter or summer semester of the academic year (October-January/February or February/March-June)

Winter semester: from 02.10.2023 till 26.01.2024

Summer semester: from 26.02.2024 till 21.06.2024.

Dates of classes: twice a week (working days), 2 hours a day, mostly at 17:00-18:30
Total number of hours: 60 (academic hour = 45 minutes)
Number of hours per week: 4
Price: 1800 PLN or 4 monthly installments of 450 PLN
The price includes: classes, course materials, completion certificate (upon attendance to >70% of the lessons)
Course characteristics: Basic Polish language course for people who need the knowledge of the language for personal or professional reasons.

The course plan includes 60 hours of general instruction, developing all skills (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking, writing). The course participants:

  • develop linguistic communicative competences in different spheres of life – private, educational, professional,
  • develop the ability to apply linguistic knowledge (grammar, vocabulary, spelling) to communicative activities,
  • acquire the ability to choose the appropriate course of action to maximise the effectiveness of their language communication,
  • acquire specific knowledge about Poland and Polish culture.

Classes are conducted by appropriately prepared teachers in groups at various levels. Adapting the course programme to the needs of learners and using adequate teaching methods make it easier for beginners to quickly master the basics of the Polish language. We speak Polish from the very first class. People at higher levels of Polish language proficiency develop their knowledge of spoken and written Polish depending on individual needs.

Notes: Form of the course: stationary or online.

We do not provide accommodation for participants of the course.