About Polish culture in English as part of the SPINAKER program

The National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) has announced the results of the recruitment in the SPINAKER program. Among the initiatives that received funding was the proposal of the Academic Center of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners, prepared in cooperation with the Faculty of Philology and the Center for Sustainable Development.

The project “LOSt in Gdańsk” assumes the implementation of two Intensive International Education Programs, which will focus on Polish culture from the local (Gdańsk) perspective. The courses will cover: Polish film, Polish literature and art, Kashubian culture and regional cuisine. The team has planned the project activities based on the results of a pilot conducted at three Japanese universities. The results of the survey will make it possible to plan the content of the classes, taking into account the cultural specificity of Asian students, to whom the project activities are primarily directed.

Each module will be carried out in the classroom, as well as in public spaces and cultural institutions. Numerous educational trips and workshops with specialists are planned. The lecturers will prepare teaching materials that will be made available to students in the repository so that they can have access to them also after the end of the project. As part of the series of film classes, Polish films with Gdańsk in the background will be presented – films made in Gdańsk, talking about Gdańsk or being the work of Gdańsk creators. These films are set in the Tri-City, they concern the history and culture of Gdańsk, but at the same time they touch upon universal topics, such as multiculturalism, emigration, and the condition of modern man. Similarly, the literary-artistic module will focus on local texts of culture, but functioning translocally. All activities undertaken during the program implementation will be aimed at increasing the intercultural competences of the project participants and strengthening the interest in Polish culture.

We hope that the narratives about multicultural Gdańsk, promoting locality, openness and solidarity, will contribute to the dissemination of Polish culture and increase the recognition of the University of Gdańsk in the world.

The project will be implemented by the team: dr hab. Ewa Czaplewska, prof. UG, dr Irena Chawrilska, dr hab. Sylwia Mrozowska, prof. UG, Dr. Michał Pruszak, Dr. Martyna Wielewska-Baka, MA Sonia Czaplewska.