On Friday, we watched another movie at the “W Starym Kadrze” movie cafe. With delicious tea in our hands, we watched the film by Filip Bajon ” “Valet”. After the screening, we talked about the interesting history of Pomerania, Kashubia and the Kashubian language. The winner of the film and language quiz received a coupon for use in a cafe.

The KINO PO POLSKU programme was created for foreigners who want to learn about Polish cinema and practice Polish language skills at the same time. On the last Fridays of the month, we watch Polish films together – old and new ones, comedies and dramas, documentaries and feature films. Before the screening, we invite you for a short introduction, after the film, we organize a conversation and a film-language quiz (with a prize for the winner!).

We meet at the “W Starym Kadrze” movie cafe. Each participant in the programme is offered coffee, tea or chocolate from the cafe menu. “W Starym Kadrze” has not only delicious drinks to offer, but also a unique atmosphere – it is hard to find a better way to spend a pleasant Friday evening.

We would like to invite you to the next meeting in March. Participation in the meeting is free of charge. Everyone is invited. You don’t have to be a student or a participant in a course at the University of Gdańsk to join us. Follow us on Facebook!