The National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) has decided on the third edition of the Polish Language Promotion Programme. Sixteen projects will receive NAWA funding to promote the Polish language and culture abroad. Among the funded initiatives, there is a proposal prepared by the Academic Centre for Polish Language and Culture in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Development. The aim of the project “Narratives about Sustainable Development – Polish Perspective” is to promote the Polish language and culture by strengthening the prestige of the Polish language and culture in the world as a country supporting the implementation of the United Nations sustainable development goals. The planned activities, which will be carried out in cooperation with Trinity College at the University of Dublin, consist in the preparation and conduct of a series of workshops (online and on-site), participation in PC Drama, peer tutoring of Trinity College and UG students, publication and organisation of the conference “Polish Culture for Sustainable Development”.

The Centre for Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Department of Russian & Slavonic Studies at Trinity College Dublin has designed project activities related to the SDG goals. The Academic Centre for Polish Language and Culture, in collaboration with the Miniatura Theatre in Gdańsk, will prepare a series of workshops on the Polish literature of the SDGs and performative readings of literary texts for students, the Polish community in Dublin and Polish secondary school students. The popularisation of thinking about the SDGs in a cultural context is intended to build the prestige of Poland and Polish culture abroad. The works of Polish Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk will play an important role in the project. We hope that cooperation with TCD will contribute to the promotion of Polish language studies in Ireland,’ says Dr Irena Chawrilska, the project coordinator.